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Using Yoga Swings for Inversion

I’ve tried various inversion systems such as inversion table and others.

But although the inversion felt good, my knees and ankles were hurting. It is probably because my knee joints and ankles are weak and was stretched and strained by supporting the body weight when inverting.

So I decided to try the Yoga Swings and found that it provides really good inversion effect and is also gentle on your knees and ankles.

My ideal Inversion System – the Yoga Swing

So, I was searching for the perfect inversion solution for hanging upside down, without any impact to my knee joints. When I came across the Inversion Swing from Omni Gym, I realized that I found the solution I was looking for and I am very glad I bought it.
Omni Gym inversion swing

Advantages compared with other inversion systems

The unique difference of Inversion Swing from Omni Gym, compared with other traditional inversion systems is that, unlike an inversion table, your body weight is not transferred to your ankle and knee joints.

Instead, the hammock style system will wrap your body like a cocoon and your weight is supported by this cocoon, instead of transferring it to any of the leg joints. Because of this difference, I found it very helpful to get the full benefit of inversion, without hurting my joints.

A second advantage of the Omny Gym Inversion Swing compared to inversion tables and other alternate inversion systems is that, by using OmniGym’s inversion swing, you get a full inversion. Since you are not partially supported by the table surface, your body weight is one hundred percentage hanging using your spine.

In my opinion, this is the best way to strech you spine and undo the damage done by years of sedentary lifestyle.

If you are interested to know more details about the Inversion Swing by OmniGym, please click any of the links below.

Comparison of the two Yoga Swing Types

The Omni-Gym will take your fitness and flexibility routine to a whole new level: As you are suspended in space, your workouts are entirely body-weight oriented and therefore highly effective. You will find yourself stretching and strengthening muscles you didn’t even know you had!

Used by athletes, gymnasts, martial artists, dancers, yogis and fitness buffs worldwide, the Omni-Gym is truly one of those versatile workout tools that can be adapted to whatever kind of workout or stretching session your body (or profession) most requires.

Not only is the Omni-Gym an incredibly effective suspension fitness, martial arts and sports trainer, but just like its predecessors (aka our previous YogaSwing models) it is an amazing anti-gravity yoga/stretching and aerial dance tool. And don’t forget it does wonders for back and neck care.

Omni Gym Inversion Swing

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