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FIVE things I always remember

In this post I would like to share with you five important things that someone told me, somewhere along my life, which has made a significant impact on the person I am today.

Number 1:

“Do not spend more half of what you earn”. My Dad has told this to me innumerable times when I was a child. This thinking has actually taught me to live within my means and to save for the rainy days.

Number 2:

“Do not criticize another person.” Again, I’ve heard this from my Dad. It has given me the ability to see the other person’s viewpoint, especially when there is a disagreement. It has saved me much heartache by not getting disappointed at others.

Another version of this quote that I recently heard from an instructor is “Hey, everybody doesn’t have the same Mama.”

Number 3:

“Hold an attractive posture even when you’re ‘going’.”  This is kind of a colloquial saying I’ve heard from a relative. It is a humorous way of reminding me to give my best to anything I do.

Number 4:

“National boundaries are a manmade illusion.” I hear this quite often from a family member. It is a key concept to cultivate universal love.

Number 5:

“You do not get what you do not ask.” It took me a while to realize the significance of this statement and the truth behind it. But it has helped me to get over my fear of rejection.

Just think about it; say you ask for a job promotion.

What’s the worst that could happen? The “No” word.

Even so, you did not loose anything. And if the answer is “Yes”, you’ve gained something.

Hope these quotes will provide some food for thought for the readers.

Please share your memorable thoughts.

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