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Take charge of you Health, Take charge of your Life

Whether you are a child, an adolescent, an adult or a senior, it is never too late for you to take control of your life by adopting a Healthy LifeStyle (HLS). Even if you may not have cared about a HLS in the past, it is never too late for you to make it happen for you. This is because; your body has the amazing power and intelligence to heal itself (provided past damage is not irreparably severe)!

If you are new to thinking this way, you may be a bit skeptical. I am here to share with you that this is not just “yogic” thinking. Scientific evidence now supports that your current life style is a key determinant of how health-wealthy you are (,8816,97086,00.html;

With the never-ending debate of who should be “responsible” for our (Americans’) health(care), the lurking fear of a receding economy, the unpleasant fact that the obesity octopus has cast the spell over 50% of fellow-Americans, and the statistical truth of an ageing American population and retired baby-boomers, isn’t it is time that each and every one of us took responsibility for a “healthy me” attitude? Healthcare debates and policies come and go. No matter what, each day, when you look in the mirror you only see “YOU” – the most divine being in this universe – the being that you and only you can be responsible for.

It is your responsibility to ensure that each time you look in the mirror, you see “YOU” in the prime of health. You can do it by taking little steps at a time and being realistic in your expectations.

Hmm…., at least some of you are wondering “What does ‘realistic’ mean; what’s the catch”?

Let me clarify for you – there is no catch. All I mean is that, you should not expect to do 30-minute cardio workout for 2 days, and on day 3 expect to loose 20 pounds or lower your bad cholesterol number by 10 points.

I know, in this precipitously changing age, we are looking for instant gratification. However, the key is patience and perseverance. This makes me think about the universal paradox of the “stationary” versus “mobile” states of matter: It is true that our perception of a “stationary” state is only relative. Yet, in this continuously moving universe, inertia is an omnipresent phenomenon (perception). Nature has her lag-time to manifest the effect of any action; so does our body. Do not torture yourself if you are not seeing immediate effects. The important thing is to understand that you are empowering and inspiring yourself and those around you.

Now, what are the little steps that you can take to empower you for a HLS?

You are what you Eat – eat wisely.
You are what you Do – exercise regularly.
You are what you Feel – relax, there’s no reason to be stressed out.

A HLS is certainly not the 100% cure for all the ailments that affect humanity. But, it can make a Big difference in your life.

I would like to end this article by sharing my personal experiences in which HLS could have not as well as could have made a difference. One close family member lost the fight to to brain tumor at a young age of 59; I still do not know how HLS could have been the rescuer. Another dearest family member succumbed to a heart attack at 59: I believe a few more years could have been enjoyed, if only someone had motivated to make HLS choices on diet and exercise.

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