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Faith and Religion – My Perspective

Faith (in God) has been a major factor that made me who I am – a successful person. Faith is empowering, invigorating , liberating.

The Almighty has bestowed upon me the opportunities to choose from and has instilled in my mind seeds of wisdom that helped me make the choices that carved out the “me” I am.

The freedom to make choices and the wisdom to make the right choices are keys that unlock and release the treasure in any person.

I pray and express gratitude every day – more than once a day – for the innumerable opportunities and choices that surround me.

Nevertheless, I am not a religious person.

I wonder why! Is it the dogma of religion that deters me?

Maybe; because the shackles of belief systems can limit choices. And it is a terrible thing to deny your mind the freedom to question beliefs that limit the power of choice.

I pray everyday, but:

  • I have not felt the need to go to church or temple or any religious worship center to connect to God. I can do it any time, anywhere.
  • I have not felt the need to connect to God through an intermediate messenger. I can talk to God directly and I can directly ask God to forgive me for my mistakes.
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