By , on June 30th, 2011 Healthy Lifestyle

Action – The Magic Bridge from Dream into Reality

The more we understand the laws of the Universe, the more we realize that the power to transform our dreams into reality resides within ourselves.

World’s greatest leaders and visionaries have used this power to better the world.

The wise say that each and every one of us have unlimited potential in the world within us – Waiting to be tapped!!!

Science says that most of us humans normally use only less than 10% of our brain potential!

This probably explains why the world is not filled with Albert Einsteins or Bill Gates or Yogananda Paramahamsas.

Most of us do dream big. But it is in the transformation of dreams into reality that most of us don’t.

A key cause for this lack of transformation is the lack of action on our part.

Like every static object needs enough force to overcome its inertia in order to set it into motion, every dream needs enough action force to overcome its inertia of non-transformation.

Nothing comes from nothing; but something comes from action.

So, take that first step toward materializing your dreams; and continue each day, moving closer and closer to the finish line.

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