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Mr. Anty and Ms. Manny – It makes me Wonder!

Look at the two pictures below.

What do you see?

Please allow me to share with you what I see and how it inspires me to connect with the ONE in the universe.

On the left side I see Mr. Anty hauling leaves for his farm “animals”. On the right side I see Ms. Manny doing sort of the same thing – hauling a bail of grass for her farm animals.

So, who are Mr. Anty and Ms. Manny? And why are they both hauling?

Mr. Anty is a leaf-cutting (attine) ant; and Ms. Manny is a cattle farmer.

Mr. Anty is gathering the leaves to feed his hungry fungus farm “animals”; and Ms. Manny is hauling the grass to feed her hungry cattle farm animals.

For their efforts, both Mr. Anty and Ms. Manny expect the same in return – food for themselves.

Lady hauling grass

Lady hauling grass

Leaf cutting ant

Leaf cutting ant

It makes me wonder about the myriad of humanly unconceivable cross talk & information sharing between the ancestral evolutionary orbits of Mr. Anty and Ms. Manny, during the course of transitioning from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to that of an agricultural farmer.

We all know that a hunter-gatherer lifestyle is more primitive / ancient when compared to a farmer lifestyle. Both Mr. Anty and Ms. Manny have ancestors who have traversed across the hunter-gatherer to the farmer lifestyle pathway.

Scientists say that cultivation of fungus for food by Mr. Anty’s ancestors originated as a lifestyle transition, about 45-65 million years ago, in the ancestor of attine ants ( And, the transition from hunter-gatherer to agricultural-farmer lifestyle in Ms. Manny’s ancestors is believed to have occurred over 10, 000 years ago (

Nevertheless, both transitions represent lifestyle evolutions – for a richer, more fulfilling life – the ONE evolutionary goal shared by every living being!

I wanted to share this inspiring observation with you, because it is one of those humbling aspects that inspire me to respect everyone and everything that is perceivable to my humble human senses.

Please share your thoughts and experiences, so that it can inspire and enrich our lives.

When I share my thoughts in this article, I do not in any way mean to undermine the scientific facts underlying the differences between humans and arthropods. Because, I believe that Science is the most precious Gem that Mother Nature bestows upon us as answers to the Questions we ask Her.

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